14 Female Nerdy Characters Who Are Actually Super-Hot

More often than not we as the audience can't get past the reality of good looks and the sexual magnetism of our favorite stars, so when a gorgeous woman is made to look non-glamorous in order to fit into a nerdy role it's tough to see how sexy they really are.

Few realize that the whole "librarian" look can actually be sexy, and that once that book expert takes her hair out of the bun on her head heads will be turning instead of pages.

These ladies are not only but drop dead gorgeous but also possess mind blowing acting skills to pull off their nerdy roles with such caliber that it makes us think they're just "ordinary" and undesirable.

Linda Cardellini (above) is probably a bad example, as her role as the geeky Velma in the Scooby-Doo movies was anything but, transforming the freckle-faced nerd of the cartoon series into something 10 times sexier than the character who was supposed to be the sexy one: Daphne (Sarah Michelle Gellar in the films).

Here are 14 other actresses who are known for nerdy characters but are sexy AF in real life...

1. Ariel Winter

Ariel plays Alex Dunphy from 'Modern Family'. Winter puts the best use of her acting skills when she plays the stereotypical precocious kid, displaying a sense of superiority complex and constantly putting her accomplishments on display and demanding recognition for them.

2. Alison Brie

The doe-eyed Alison Brie plays the character of Annie Edison in 'Community'. She's a repressed, straight-laced Jewish eighteen year-old. Annie is younger than the rest of the group and is also the most studious of them all. Alison plays the typical 'miss goody to shoes' in 'Community' oh so well. IRL, she's just... dayummm.

3. Natalie Morales

Not to be confused with the "Today Show" anchor, Natalie Morales played Wendy Watson on the show 'The Middleman' back in 2008. She was an artist recruited into an organization to fight super-intelligent apes, alien boy-bands and more. The show was a delight and made Wendy one of the hottest geek girls alive.

4. Tina Fey

Okay, so Tina's a little old to be on this list, but her "30-Rock" Liz Lemon was an unusual combination of sanity and mess. While the show makes it a joke of her being hideous, she's sexier than any of her female co-stars with that fun smile, and the glasses give her more hotness on screen.

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