13 Angelic Songs To Brighten You Day

The Weeknd

What comes to mind when one hears the word angel? Usually, we characterize angels as heavenly – not as powerful as God, but definitely spiritual beings. Whether you’re devout or couldn’t be any further removed from religion, angels play a significant role in pop culture, whether its books, film, or music. Many, many songs have been written about angels. This list doesn’t cover them all, but here are 13 angelic songs to brighten your day…your year…your life! Let the spirit of the celestial beams encapsulate you, and let the music do the same!

1) One Direction, “Hey Angel” (Made in the A.M., 2015) 

One Direction

“Hey Angel” serves as the opener for One D’s fifth studio album (yeah the one sans Zayn Malik), Made in the A.M and a compelling, angelic opener it is indeed. What makes it so angelic? Besides the folk-rock stylistic cues and enthusiastic vocals, obviously One Direction are singing about ‘angels’ and those angels aren’t Michael or Gabriel. Nope, the angel is likely specific to each guy – a girl (“I see you at the bar, at the edge of my bed…I come alive when I hear your voice”). 


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