12 High-Flying Songs To Brighten Your Day

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Ah, there is nothing like a good ole ‘high-flying song’ to get the day going! When flying comes to mind, one thinks of soaring like a bird – specifically an eagle, being free, and of course migrating to new places.  Flying can be literal in meaning or figurative, with a figurative meaning playing a notable role in the songs that follow.  Whether it involves a jet, an eagle, or simply being a beginner who is “learning to fly,” these 12 high-flying songs will never crash, like “never ever!”


1) Paul McCartney & Wings, “Jet” (Band On The Run, 1973)

Paul McCartney & Wings, Band on the Run © Hear Music

Listen to “Jet” and you have to ask yourself, what in the world is Paul McCartney singing about?  “And jet, I thought / the only lonely place was the moon,” or “And Jet, I though the major was a Lady Suffragette.”  Yeah Paul still don’t get it buddy! Regardless how nonsensical this Paul McCartney/Wings song may sound, it’s indeed a truly unforgettable, rock classic. 

2) Elton John, “Bennie and the Jets” (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, 1973)

 Elton John © WENN

You can’t go wrong with classic Elton John, right?  “Bennie and the Jets” is just another example of one of the greatest pop/rock musicians flexing his exceptional musical muscles.  The best part of this renowned classic – every time Elton sings, “B-B-B-Bennie” of course! High-flying – why of course, no matter how silly it is!

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