10 Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship

Getting into a relationship can be a fun and fresh experience, and you may find yourself having some of the best years of your life. Unfortunately, everyone is different, and not everyone can tell how things will play out in their life, especially when it comes to other people.

Those who find themselves in an unhealthy, abusive relationship did not have a clue that it would turn out this way, and it definitely is not your fault that it happened. Unfortunately, you can't expect things just to fix itself overnight either, if you find yourself in a manipulative and unhealthy relationship; you must do something to get yourself out of it. As soon as things begin turning for the worse, there is no going back by that point; no matter how many 'sorry's' may come from the abuser, know that it is not good enough justification for their actions.

If you are feeling uncomfortable or even frightened in a current relationship, know that there is always a healthy exit and a way to get yourself out of such a relationship. There is always someone there to help, whether they're friends, family, or even someone you barely even know. Allow yourself to get yourself back on track and into a healthy state of mind; leaving behind any toxic and manipulative behavior.

If you are concerned or confused as to what certain qualities may be considered to be unhealthy in a relationship; certain qualities will be covered in this post. However, there can be many more that can be considered unhealthy as well, such as a lack of communication, the act of being in a constant passive-aggressive state, or even the routine of being overly aggressive or competitive as they are always trying to upstage you. Acts like these which show a lack of respect towards you is always the sign of a red flag.

Keep these qualities in mind, and keep an eye open to anyone who may be suffering from this type of person in their life. Please, stay safe out there, and stay strong:



Those who show intensity in a relationship push their extreme feelings without concern for the other person. You may notice these types of people rushing aspects of the relationship, focusing more on what they want than what their partner is ready for.

These people can also be too extreme in the way of not giving you enough space, or seeming to be uncomfortably obsessed with you. Always wanting to talk and see you to the point of almost becoming a nuisance.

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