10 Of The Most Frustrating TV Show Cliffhangers Ever

the sopranos

One of the most frustrating things as a dedicated viewer of a series is when the writers put themselves into the undeniable situation of not knowing how to end things. Tying up loose ends is difficult when you have shows that go on for many years. While some are successful ("Friends") some fall flat and give viewers the feeling that they have just wasted hours of their lives. Here are some of television's most frustrating cliffhangers ever. We still get annoyed thinking about them!

1. The Sopranos

Wait, what just happened? Did my cable go out? Did something happen to the TV? No, it wasn't your television, it was "Sopranos" Executive Producer David Chase's way to end the series with a bang. Or rather, just darkness. In the series finale titled, "Made in America", the Soprano family was having a dinner at Holstein's diner, waiting for Meadow to park her car and join them when all of a sudden, the show faded to black. What happened? Did Tony finally get whacked? Did daughter Meadow get killed? We were all still grooving to "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey which was rudely interrupted by the sudden fade to black. Many years of dissection later, this plot twist to end all plot twists was uncovered. The man that entered the diner in a Members Only jacket and entered the bathroom behind where the Soprano family was sitting was the one who ultimately killed Tony. The show's producers needed to ensure that plot details of the ending would be kept a secret until the airdate, so the scripts that were given to the crew members had their final pages removed.

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