The Walking Dead returns to television Sunday night, and what better way to get fans excited for the show than staging a zombie attack in the middle of New York City.

The show's promoters staged a prank in NYC's Union Square to scare the life out of passers by when zombies reached up from a sewer grate and grabbed at unsuspecting victims.

Several actors were made up to look like the show's zombies and a special grate was brought in to allow them to reach through at people and the result is hilarious.

It's not the first time a viral stunt has been used as a promotion. Last month a very realistic-looking animatronic baby scared residents of the city to promote new horror flick "Devil's Due," and back in October a girl with telekinetic powers scared up customers in a coffee shop to help promote the remake of "Carrie."

The fourth season of "The Walking Dead" premieres Sunday night at 9pm on AMC.


Devil's Due: