Zach Galifianakis grills Justin Bieber in the latest episode of his Funny Or series "Between Two Ferns", and the results are nothing short of hilarious.

The actor poked fun at all of the recent antics of the teen singer, beginning the chat by saying, "Thank you justin, for being on, it's really exciting to talk to you, especially right in the middle of your public meltdown."

That line set the whole tone for the chat, during which Galifianakis touches on topics like Justin's pot smoking, the incident where he peed in a restaurant mop bucket and racing his car at high speeds on the freeway.

Beiber remains calm through the fake interview, during which the host reprimanded him on several occasions for his recent antics.

"Your young punk attitude is not gonna work in this interview," he says at one point. "Do you understand me, son?"

Galifianakis finally cracks, saying, "I don't think your mom would mind if a stranger whipped her son," while removing his belt and then lashing out at the singer a few times.

"So who are you dating, now?" the host asks after putting his belt back on and sitting down.

Check out the video below...