The chronically awkward 'Between Two Ferns' series, hosted by Zach Galifianakis, has officially had its most high-profile guest ever. Today, President Barack Obama guest starred on the show and kept Galifanakis in check as he explained what the Affordable Care Act was to millions of internet viewers (but only after berating Zach, of course.)

It's not the funniest entry in the series, but it is funny to see Zach helpless in the face of actual authority. Though it's painfully obvious the whole thing has been scripted, it's still a terribly tense and awkward ordeal. It's much like watching a trainwreck happen in slow motion; you should probably leave or call for help, but for some reason you keep watching until it's over. 

Since ridicule is a hallmark of the show, it's good to see the Prez could go toe to toe with Zach and give him back the abuse blow for blow. Included are jokes about birth certificates and Drones, so if you're sensitive to political kidney-punches, best stay away. For everyone else, ENJOY!

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: President Barack Obama from President Barack Obama