Some people in Hollywood have that inevitable, almost unattainable staying power that keeps them in the public eye for decades. Most of these stars have the likeability by the public to make it work. Others make us want to stop going to the grocery store altogether just to avoid seeing their faces on the gossip magazines. Attention following faux-lebrities: Your 15 minutes of fame are over, go away!

MTV's The Hills has become one of the most popular reality TV series. It features Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and Lauren Conrad, who are three of the top famous un-celebrities. You aren't famous; you are reality show stars. Big difference. Huge!

Heidi Montag first appeared on Laguna Beach in 2005 and has since moved on to "The Hills," the spin-off the reality show in 2006. As one of Lauren Conrad's sidekicks, Heidi attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise and then worked at Bolthouse Productions. Heidi is no longer friends with Lauren so she is now there to show off her newly purchased body and create drama. Heidi has mentioned that she wants to be an actress and is hoping her MTV reality show persona will help boost her career. It definitely isn't helping her singing career! Heidi's boyfriend, Spencer Pratt also needs to go away! Are he and Heidi engaged anymore? Are they dating? Is this a staged relationship? Do we even care?

Lauren Conrad is also a staple on the show, "The Hills." She is the main character who has branched off with her own clothing line. She seems to be everywhere now, and it is annoying! Although the show is addicting, it has no depth to it and makes you wonder why anyone can't be followed with cameras and become famous! Given the opportunities the cast of "The Hills" is given, couldn't anyone make an album and create a line of clothing?

Kim Kardashian is most known as that chick with the sex tapes and the big butt. Apparently she's a stylist? Every time they show her she's wearing the same one strap form fitting dress! Kim now has a reality show on E!, which profiles her large and obnoxious family. How are they famous again? Hmmm…she and her sisters have a clothing boutique in LA yet every time they show them "working" on the show, they are laying on the couch fighting in an empty store.

Paris Hilton is probably the top wannabe celeb who eats up all the fame she can get no matter how she gains it. She was born into a wealthy family and has taken advantage of it since day one. You can't go one day without hearing something about her in the news. She needs to hide under a rock and stay there. We don't care who you're dating and what your new perfume smells like, go away!

Kevin Federline had his moment of fame when he struck gold and got Britney Spears to fall in love with him. Now all he does is party in Vegas and occasionally takes a stroll with his kids. He's not even interesting enough to be in the spotlight!

Vanessa Minnillo won Miss Teen USA in 1998, was on MTV's TRL, and is dating Nick Lachey. Shouldn't her book of fame be closed now? We really don't care that you are shopping on Rodeo Drive drinking Starbucks!

Jesse Metcalfe was the hot gardener on Desperate Housewives about three years ago. He didn't really do anything besides strut around without a shirt on. Is he even on the show anymore?

Rumer Willis is Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' oldest daughter. She has appeared in a few movies but seems to be on every red carpet now for some reason.

Jamie Lynn Spears is Britney Spears' little sister and has a show on Nickelodeon called Zoey 101. Lately she's been all over the news for getting knocked up. The shock is over now; she should quietly retire to Louisiana with her baby daddy.

Who doesn't want fame? It's those who abuse it that can be annoying and get under our skin. There are certain people you feel happy for and others you just wish would go away and stay there!

Story by Erin Demchak
Starpulse contributing writer