Imagine waking up tomorrow rich and famous with the world at your fingertips. Now imagine being a teenager waking up rich and famous with the world at your fingertips. As if teenagers aren't rebellious enough, pump up their bank accounts with mad cash, allow them access to any bar or club and have the paparazzi follow them around constantly. It completely makes the situation teeter on a thin line of normalcy and catastrophe.

For every child actor who turns to drugs/drinking and become disasters, there are a few who have grown up in the media and blossomed into decent human beings. Why is it that some members of the infamous Young Hollywood Club can make it through their childhood squeaky clean and some end up crashing?

Here's a list of celebrities who seemed to fall into the disaster zone, some of them having recovered and some are still sinking:

Lindsay was eleven when she starred in Disney's The Parent Trap and soon became a recognizable Disney star. But Lindsay is mostly known in Hollywood as a party girl. She's been in and out of rehab, attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and has daddy issues.

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