Some of you may remember 'The Ding Dong Song' that took Youtube by storm ten who years ago. It was jam packed with more sexual innuendos and half naked women than an HBO original series. It was done by the enigmatic and mysterious 'Gunther' - who became well known for his pencil mustache, mullet, duckface and sunglasses. If you don't remember, here's the video to refresh your memory. 

There's something almost endearing about the whole music video. It's such a laughable parody of itself. Between Gunther and his eye-candy partners 'The Sunshine Girls' there's not really a single part of this video that makes much sense. Gunther and the Sunshine Girls would go on to produce more completely obscene and hilarious music videos such as 'Tutti Frutti Summer Love' and, one of my personal favorites, 'Touch Me.'

But Gunther is back after a long hiatus - and he's just not the same lovable Swede that we used to know. He's lost the shades and replaced them with makeup. The mullet is mostly gone in favor of a fauxhawk. Thankfully, the stache is still there.

But his music has changed as well. The fun Eurodance electronica is gone, in favor of a much more contemporary hardstyle brand of EDM. His foray back into the music industry is with his newest single "I'm Not Justin Bieber Bitch."

WARNING : Explicit Lyrics, Nudity

There are some mixed opinions on his newest offering. It's not quite as easy to laugh at as his previous songs. The video, as with all things Gunther, is highly sexualized, and Gunther fits right into the mix with his new appearance. Still, the song is light on content as well as comedy, though the chorus "I'm not Justin Bieber bitch" is pretty funny. Aside from that, the actual tune of the song is quite catchy.

We're not sure how to feel about this newer, edgier Gunther. What do you think? Leave a comment below. Never heard of Gunther? Tell us what your first impressions were!