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Angelina Jolie gives birth to nine, beats Octomom's record - Pop Bytes

Paris Hilton to be Valtrex spokesman - Uncoached

Anna Nicole Smith returns from the dead - Hollywood Tuna

Britney's new single, "You're Gonna Have To Go If U See Kay Yourself":

Twitter to shut down - IDLYITW

Brad Pitt to go back to Jennifer Aniston - City Pages

Vanessa Hudgens skips Playboy, wants to do Penthouse instead - Holy Taco

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Led Zeppelin members agree to 18-month reunion tour - The Post Chronicle

High-Tech Hijinks: Top 7 Web and PC Pranks - WWTDD

Rihanna gets shot by her gun tattoo - Dallas News

Hot chicks dancing naked:

Jehova's Witnesses & Amish team up to produce new vodka - First Showing

Guy tricks his girlfriend into cutting her own fingers off (kinda graphic) - Television Without Pity

A montage of fantastic April Fool's day pranks - Gawker

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