The drunk, the nerd and the goth strike back with their new EP of unbridled older material. It all began with an EP back in 2001, and now the Yeah Yeah Yeahs revisit and revel in the five song format a second time round with "Is Is."

"I fucking love EPs!" says Brian Chase. Songs for the EP were written in 2004 in between touring behind their first record Fever to Tell.

Written amidst one of the most turbulent and emotionally unstable periods in YYYs history, for whatever reason the angst that colored that
point in time translates erotically into a sexually charged body of songs.

On their choice of producer, Karen O intones, "Nick Launay was the natural choice having produced PIL Flowers of Romance, collectively a favorite between us. I put that record on and want to stuff my mouth with raw hamburger meat." "Is Is" is an expression of similar sordid energy, the rawness is unavoidable and good for you too!

YYYs have captured all this excitement in the EP recordings. In fact, they love playing them so much they've made a special live film to accompany the EP with co-directors KK Barrett (Sofia Coppola films) and Lance Bangs (video director -- Sonic Youth, Nirvana and producer of Director's Cut series of DVDs -- Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham).

Recorded in night-vision at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn on May 7, the band played 2 sets that night to just 100 lucky fans each time
-- the first for a mixed audience and the second for females only. There will be 2 filmed versions of lead track Down Boy -- one live, and one to EP audio.