"In the future, do I make it?" Asks Nicholas Hoult's Beast. "No," Hugh Jackman's Wolverine simply replies.

It's cliché, but that stakes really couldn't be any higher for the X-Men in the final trailer for Days of Future Past before its release on May 23. With Sentinels killing mutants and humans alike, Wolverine's mind is sent back to his past self so he can convince Professor Xavier (James McAvoy) to work with Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and prevent a dystopian future from happening.

As revealed in the new trailer (to the tune of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir), Wolverine's first step is to recruit newcomer Quicksilver (Evan Peters) to help him break Magneto out of jail. During these peeks, we can see Professor X is walking again – but how? On one of the film's official websites, it's noted Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) creates artificial limbs using DNA in 1967, which would allow Xavier to walk once more.

When the trailer slips back to the future, things aren't going so hot for the X-Men. Colossus gets knocked in the head (he's probably dead), Iceman gets grabbed by the throat (probably dead), and as we saw in the last trailer, Storm is gonna get stabbed. It's worth noting in the comic book version, the X-men are only down to a handful, which is the whole reason why they need to send someone back to the past.

As if these problems weren't enough, FOX has already announced a sequel based on Age of Apocalypse that will be in theaters in a few years. The X-Men just can't catch a break.