On behalf of Starpulse.com, I was invited to attend the ABC Family Party on Friday, July 25, at the beautiful Omni San Diego Hotel. The annual comic convention was sold out and full of exciting exclusives, hilarious panels, and brand new information, but I was surprised to find that the ABC party turned out to be my favorite part.

There were several of its best known stars wandering around the terrace, including stars from "Kyle XY" Jaimie Alexander and Matt Dallas, and they were greatly encouraging the press to learn all about their brand new show "Samurai Girl." The lovely star Jamie Chung was in attendance, and the actors mingled with the collection of entertainment journalists, enjoying the delicious buffet and open bar.

ABC Family was re-imagined in 2006 after a slightly bumpy beginning after Fox Family was sold to ABC, with a new slogan and style. Shows like "That 70s' Show," "Nanny 911," "What I Like About You," and "Gilmore Girls" are shown in reruns on the channel, while they have created brand new series like "Greek," "Kyle XY," and "The Middleman." ABC Family is also known to have original movies, and weekend movie events and previews.

"Samurai Girl" will premiere the weekend of September 5 in a special three-night event. The show is based on a popular young adult series and stars Jamie Chung as Heaven, a 19-year-old girl who is the adopted daughter of one of the richest and most powerful families in Japan. Everything she could possibly want is given to her, and Heaven is protected at all times. But when she is sent to San Francisco for an arranged marriage, her life is about to change. Her past reveals destiny, prophecy, the secrets of her father's evil organization, the way of the Samurai, and the fight between good and evil. The show will also star Brendan Fehr from "Roswell" fame and former wrestler Stacy Keibler.

I did not get a chance to speak with Chung, but I did meet another Jaime, and that was Jaimie Alexander from "Kyle XY." She was dressed in a cute white dress and explained what her various small tattoos meant and how she was worried about hiding them all during her "Kyle XY" scenes. She was enormously friendly and talked about shooting in Vancouver as opposed to the nice weather we were experiencing in California. "Kyle XY" began in 2006 and was ABC Family's highest rating original premiere until the new "The Secret Life of an American Teenager." It consistently holds a loyal fanbase and succeeded very well when the premiere was repeated on ABC. Kyle shows up in Washington with no memory of his life before, and the show revolves around his journey for answers into his past and identity. Alexander plays Jessi XX, Kyle's female counterpart. The show will be returning with a third season.

All in all, the ABC Family party was a welcoming, warm environment with flashing cameras, great company, and a wonderful gift basket to take home, including a "Kyle XY" Season one DVD, soundtrack, and a "Samurai Girl" book. For anyone interested in unique original programming appropriate for people of all ages, check out ABC Family and you might just find the show perfect for you!

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle
Starpulse contributing writer