With one answer, Mila Kunis left an interviewer with 25 years experience practically speechless.

Stephen Whitty has been an entertainment writer and movie review for a quarter of a decade, so he was comfortable with asking the actress how she's feeling as they sit down for an interview to be published in The Star-Ledger.

"I don’t talk about that for publication," Whitty quotes her as saying. Yikes.

Perhaps Kunis is tired of the reaction she's received the last two times she's publicly commented on her pregnancy. Her Marie Claire interview was shared across the Internet with bold quotes talking about "shredded" anatomy and how large her breasts are getting. Still, when hasn't the media at large taken a quote and ran with it?

Whitty continues, "Every question I ask over the next 25 minutes seems to strike her as either dull, insulting or burdened by some sort of agenda." When he asks if she was looking for more indie roles, as the interview was to promote indie flick Third Person, she snaps, "Not really, because in the middle of all that I still did 'Oz' and I still did 'Jupiter Ascending,' so that sort of destroys your assumption."

Whitty tries to draw an allusion to Kunis' childhood in what known as today as Ukraine to the country's current strife. She strikes down the question, "It just seems weird to do an interview about 'Third Person' and then it becomes about Ukraine, and that’s the headline. I do interviews and they seem like they’re supposed to be one thing, and the writer has an idea, and then they become something else."

The awkward give-and-take continues, and at the end of the session when Whitty apologizes if he upset her, Kunis offers, "No, no, it was a good interview!"

It's an odd change of pace for Kunis, but she has been thrust into the spotlight and into tabloids for romancing Ashton Kutcher. Just last year, Kunis gave one of the most memorable interviews in a long time when she was faced with a rookie who wanted nothing more than to talk about his local pub. Check it out, and read Whitty's full interview (or lack thereof) over at The Star-Ledger.