Brad Pitt's new film "World War Z" hits theaters this week, and the fans were out to catch a glimpse of the star in Times Square on Monday for the premiere. The film centers on a UN employee who ends up at the center of trying to stop a global pandemic that wreaks havoc on humanity and threatens to kill off the human race. Billions of humans are turned to zombies thanks to an outbreak, and Pitt's character Gerry Lane traverses the planet in search of a cure before it's too late. (story)

16-year-old country singer Danielle Bradbery won TV singing competition "The Voice" on Tuesday night, beating out Michelle Chamuel to land a Universal Music Group record deal. Bradbery was one of mentor Blake Shelton's singers, bringing him a third straight win on the series. Prior winners Javier Colon (season one), Jermaine Paul (season two) and Cassadee Pope (season three) all had some sort of professional experience when they appeared on the show, making Bradbery the first non-pro to win. Perhaps she'll become more successful than the winners of the first three seasons, as "American Idol" is the only music talent series that has produced any bona-fide stars. (story)

"Anger Management" apparently can't manage its own anger issues -- Actress Selma Blair won't be returning as Charlie Sheen's therapist on the show next season. Producers have confirmed that she left the show, but no reason was given for her departure. Although, a recent spat with Sheen may have had something to do with her leaving. reported on Monday that Sheen personally "fired" Blair, telling producers that he refused to work on the show if she showed up on the set. Rumor has it that the actress complained about Sheen's work ethic and behavior on the set of the show. (story)

Johnny Depp is lucky to be alive after a fall from a horse last year while filming "The Lone Ranger." A new behind-the-scenes video release this week shows footage that was captured during filming where Depp falls from his horse, is dragged a few feet and narrowly avoids getting trampled by the horse. The star received only a few scratches and bruises from the fall. The horse appears to realize that Depp was in danger and tried to avoid hurting him. (story & video)

Lil Wayne desecrated the American Flag this weekend during a video shoot for his new single "God Bless Amerika." The flag was dropped to the ground (a no-no) and Weezy is seen walking back and forth over it in a fan-shot video. The rapper says he was unaware of what he was doing despite appearing to look directly at the flag whilst trodding upon it. (story)

Kim Kardashian's baby's first words are a long way off, but the reality star has finally commented on the birth of her daughter over the weekend. L.A. disc jockey/American Idol host/hardest working man in Hollywood Ryan Seacrest shared a story on his morning radio show about an email exchange with the star after she delivered her baby. (story)

Mariah Carey is looking really good lately -- the star showed her sexy figure in a skimpy swimsuit from the set of her upcoming video, "#Beautiful." Mariah has reportedly kept her weight down with a controlled diet and water workouts, according to (story)