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"Snakes on a Plane" and Samuel L. 'monkey-fighting' Jackson's TV edit:

Amy Winehouse has the Mother of Bad Ideas - Celebrity Milkshake
Let's play 'this could kill me but I'll give it a try anyway' - YepYep
"Snakes on a Plane" and it's monkey-fighting, Monday-to-Friday TV edits - Holy Taco
Seven marriage proposals gone terribly wrong - Oddee
Christina Aguilera shows off one of her totally hot piercings (mildly NSFW). - On 205th
Urban Spelunking - G4TV
Proof that Hollywood is f#$%ing with us: 2 Mall Cop movies in 1 year - Cracked
Real-Life Pac-Man Terrorizes People - Break
Lady Gaga: one-hit-wonder or actual artist? -
Pirates of the Caribbean 3: with and without CGI effects - Agent Bedhead
Pyro of the day: How to mount a tire using starter fluid (dangerous, but good to know) - geekologie
Kristen Bell confirms one of our suspicions - Celebrity Smack

Mythbusters: 650mph steel vs small car:

"I always quiz Reese about how she does it. I feel like she does a really good job." Jennifer Garner credits pal Reese Witherspoon with being a great mom.

"I want to be like one of those little fainting goats that get scared and then just fall over. I want to go and go and then drop dead in the middle of something I'm loving to do (sic). And, if that doesn't happen, if I wind up sitting in a wheelchair, at least I'll have my high heels on." Country singer Dolly Parton has no plans to slow down at age 63.

Hey, Imperial Stormtroopers don't use lightsabers... oh, wait

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