So today is the Day Canada and the United States face off in the semifinal round of Olympic Men's Hockey, and with the depressing defeat of the US Women's team to the Canadian Women's team already, the tensions are high. But the stakes have never been higher.

In challenge, a Skoki, Illinois based communications company, Command Transportation, has erected a digital billboard in Chicago with pop idol Justin Bieber at the center, flanked on either side by Chicago Blackhawks stars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. A headline across the top of the billboard reads "Loser keeps Bieber."

Justin is a Canadian native, though Canada has been happy to remain very quiet about this fact, as his sensational rise to popularity and subsequent spiral downward has been a very American-driven phenomenon. With his recent decline in popularity due to reckless and moronic illicit activity, Americans are readier than ever to give him back. 

While it's all in good fun, we'd like to personally add "GO U.S.A. For the love of God, please, please WIN."

The game takes place at 12:00 PM EST, so we will be sure to keep you updated on who gets to keep the Biebs. Stay tuned!