Wind-up Records will reissue the first two albums from indie darlings The Wrens and the debut album from Conor Oberst's (Bright Eyes) Commander Venus on November 14. Originally released on Grass Records, the label transformed to become Wind-up Records in March of 1997. Visit for additional information on these titles, and future announcements surrounding upcoming releases.

The Wrens, who emerged out of New Jersey in the late 1980s, went on to sign with Grass Records where they released their debut album in 1994. The debut, Silver, and popular live shows helped the band win over fans of alternative rock. Their 1996 sophomore effort Secaucus drew critical praise and topped many critics' "Best Of" lists for that year.

Singer-songwriter Conor Oberst is best known for his work as Bright Eyes, however his rock career began many years earlier. Oberst formed his first band, Commander Venus, in Omaha, Nebraska the summer before beginning Creighton Prep in the mid-1990s. Two years later Commander Venus released Uneventful Vacation in the summer of 1997.

When asked why the label is now reissuing these albums, Wind-up chairman Alan Meltzer said, "The music is too important to keep in some vault. We have been on such a huge growth curve as a company, we felt we were never able to do justice to the material in terms of the necessary marketing, promotion and in-store placement." The repertoire will now have a chance to be embraced by new and old fans alike when it reaches retail in November.