As the Star Trek reboot was in production, William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk, continued to express his interest in appearing in the film. Although the film shows the young Kirk joining his Enterprise crewmates Spock, Bones, Uhura, Chekov, Sulu and Scotty, original Spock Leonard Nimoy got a role.

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The man filling Shatner's shoes, Chris Pine, assured Trekkers that Shatner approves of the new crew. "I saw him last night, for the first time, in the flesh and shook hands," Pine said. "He was very busy last night. It was a charity event for him, and he raises money for all these wonderful children's charities, so I was there more to support him, in the great work that he does."

Longtime crewmate, colleagues and friend Leonard Nimoy put things in perspective for Shatner. Spock did not have a role in handing over the movie franchise to The Next Generation in the seventh film. "Bill and I are very very close friends, and we have been for a very, very long time," Nimoy said. "I pointed out to him that we're even now, because he acted in one of the 'Star Trek' movies that I was not in, and he had to admit that that was true. And, we're over it. I think it's history. I think he genuinely wants the movie to be a success. He spent time with all of us last night at his charity event in Burbank. We have a great friendship and it continues to be a great friendship."

J.J. Abrams, director of the new "Trek," tried his hardest to find a role for old Kirk, but to quote Spock, there was no logical way to do so.

"Nothing would have made us happier than to have William Shatner in this movie," Abrams said. "His character died on screen in one of the films. When we tried figure out a way to put him in, every time we did it, it was a gimmick. Every time we figured out a way that we thought it could work, it ended up being a gimmick, unless the whole story was about bringing him back, and that would have changed the entire story that we wanted to tell. So, it was either change everything or do it without him. But, we definitely love Mr. Shatner. Working with him is something that we would obviously be thrilled to do, and wanted to do. It just literally didn't work for our story, there was no way to do it and have it not be a cameo, so it didn't work in this one. But, all is good."

"Star Trek" opens Friday.

Story/Interview by Fred Topel

Starpulse contributing writer

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