Black Eyed Peas star has praised pal Britney Spears for her hard work and high level of focus on her new album, "Britney Jean."

The producer was surprised by the singer's level of discipline while putting together her latest record, which he executive produced.

"Most artists aren't like that... Britney is the most focused and disciplined of all the artists in the industry...." he tells "Those (other artists) aren't pros. Britney's a pro. Her time is valuable: she has kids. And a lot of the time with an artist they'll go into the studio, they'll sit around, they're watching TV, they order some food, they're giggling and joking...

"Britney's like: 'I'm coming in from 2pm until 6pm.' She'll arrive at 1.30, and from 2 to 6 she'll be like BAM BAM BAM... I've never seen anything like that. Her work ethic is pretty admirable." also shared some thoughts on his own work on Britney's eighth studio offering.

“Executive producer is a hard role. If it’s a success, the executive producer does not get the credit. If it’s a failure, 'it's the executive producer's fault!' he exclaims. "You’re either the last to be acknowledged or the first to be acknowledged."

He also added even more praise for Britney.

I just love her dedication and love for music," he adds. "That’s just the way it is. I love how sweet she is, and how genuine she is. Shy, but fierce. And I want to see her win."

"Britney Jean" hits stores Tuesday, December 3 -- the day after the singer's birthday.

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