Funnyman Will Ferrell once got drunk with a friend so he could find out what sort of a person he became when intoxicated.

The Old School star guzzled alcohol and asked his sober pal to monitor his transformation. He explains, "I had a friend of mine film me so I could see what I am like (when drunk). I am just a happy drunk."

Ferrell insists he has never had an alcohol problem, although he did party during his time as a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

He reveals, "We probably went out quite a bit with the cast... It is easy when you are living in New York and you don't have to drive anywhere. New York is a fun town to go out in. During my twenties and into my thirties I had a good time partying, yes. But nothing where I woke up and I thought that I had a problem."

And he has exploded the myth that comedians get funnier when they're inebriated.
Ferrell tells, "A lot of ideas get born drunk and then the next morning you are like, 'What were we thinking? That is ridiculous and not funny at all.'"