Following a leak of test footage from a proposed Deadpool movie, Blur Studio uploaded an HD version that has fans salivating for a feature-length film – but will it happen?

The timing of the leak is certainly questionable, considering it happened one day after the end of San Diego Comic-Con. It's possible someone within FOX or Blur Studios got excited and showed the footage at the convention without proper security over the weekend (the first version of the leak was from a cam), while others believe this was a "controlled leak" to gauge interest in the film.

Warning: R-Rated Language And Violence

For those of you who do not know much about Deadpool, he started out as relatively unoriginal mercenary who attacked several Marvel heroes. As time went on, his backstory was fleshed out to reveal he was part of Weapon X (the project that gave wolverine his adamantium claws) and received inhuman regenerative powers.

By the mid-90s Deadpool was popular enough to get his own series, but the writers assumed the series would be canceled in due time. Thus, they began experimenting with breaking the fourth wall and referring to comic book tropes - characters come back to life, recent comic book events are satirized (complete with Deadpool commentary directed at the audience), and so on. The style began to win over fans, who found it refreshing while every other big comic book remained deadly serious.

The idea of a Deadpool movie has been championed by Ryan Reynolds, who is a fan of the character and had a chance to play a version of the bizarre mercenary in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The film did not perform well and fans were disappointed with its take on the character, who was a serious mercenary who talked too much and pretty much a complete reversal of the comic book version.

We last heard about the possible Deadpool movie in 2013, when attached director Blur Studio founder Tim Miller told Clevvermovies "We will never give up!" With the HD footage now out there in the wild, it's obvious they haven't - although now the page serving the video has now disappeared, adding another layer to the leaked-or-not-leaked mystery.

The current talent attached to the film, including Ryan Reynolds, wants the film to be rated R to allow for the character to shine like it does in the comics. While Kick-Ass opened the door for R-rated comic book films, it didn't exactly blow up the box office. It's now up to FOX to decide if it's worth making a non-tentpole film with the Marvel entity.

Deadpool would probably ask us to put it on Kickstarter.