Wildfire: Season Two DVD features all 13 episodes, which originally aired on ABC Family in January 2006. The DVD also includes an exclusive look at the show's new musical direction featuring the television debut of some of today's hottest rising artists.

DVD Special Features:
-"Music of Wildfire" featurette: An exclusive look at the new and exciting musical direction of Season Two that featured performances from James Blunt and other great artists. Includes interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.
-Audio commentaries with the cast and crew on all 13 episodes.

Genevieve Cortese (Life is Short, Kids in America, Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas)
Nicole Tubiola (Imaginary Heroes, Boston Public, Sabretooth)
Greg Serano (Legally Blonde, Frailty, National Security)
Micah Alberti (American Pie Presents Band Camp, Smallville, All My Children, As the World Turns)

Season Two
#2001 Try It Without The Porsche Written by Marjorie David
The Sandpiper Race and its aftermath are revealed. Junior sets out to create a life outside of the Davis family. Dani redefines her relationship with Davis over the revelation that she and Junior have different mothers. Kris meets Kerry Connelly, a sports agent who takes interest in Kris after the results of the Sandpiper.

#2002 Opportunity Knocks Written by Stephanie Ripps
On the heels of her dramatic second place finish in the Sandpiper, Kris is offered an opportunity to star in a commercial with Wildfire, but her decision is complicated when Raintree's horses are put under quarantine. Meanwhile, Kris and Junior find themselves thrust together unexpectedly during the filming of the commercial, causing them to question their break-up. Dani's new race horse seems to be a lemon, but when they go back to its old barn Dani and Matt discover the surprising cause of the horse's lethargy, which ends up bringing them closer. Jean and Pete clash over boundaries in their new relationship, and Charlie adjusts to having Jean's ex around.

#2003 A Good Convict Is Hard To Find Written by Jordan Hawley
Kris reluctantly returns to Camp LaGrange for an event at the Equestrian Center where she first met Wildfire. The event brings up a lot of old memories, especially once a friend of Kris' uses the event as an opportunity to escape. Can Kris save her from making the same mistakes she did? Junior finds himself losing his magical Davis powers as he attempts to use old connections for a favor to help the opening of Pete's Club. Jean readjusts to having Pete around, and Dani and Isabelle fight over their roles in Junior's life.

#2004 Dangerous Liaisons Written by Christina Lynch & Loren Segan
Kris is left alone in charge of Raintree when Jean goes on a trip with Charlie, Matt goes with Dani to help her look into a new racehorse, and Pablo investigates a mysterious phone call. With the problems piling up and the help not coming in, Kris is forced to turn to the last person she can count on- Junior. Dani gets a lesson about the honor of the horse selling business when she learns you don't always get what you paid for. Jean and Charlie have a disaster of a trip that brings them closer. Pablo leaves Kris in charge of watching an unruly Mare they've brought to Raintree for breeding, and on his journey learns something about his past.

#2005 Family Matters Written by Sandy Isaac
With Pablo away, Matt trains Kris for her first turf race on Wildfire while simultaneously secretly training Wildfire's competition -- Dani's horse Picaro. Charlie helps Todd establish his independence beyond Jean which brings Charlie closer to Jean. Isabelle shows her true colors when she bonds with Junior while attempting to extort money from Ken Davis.

#2006 Nothing Takes The Past Away Like The Future Written by Winston Gieseke
When Raintree takes on a well-known horse to train, Kris and Matt work together to figure out the horse's problem, only to discover the real reason Pablo wants nothing to do with it.
Kris finds herself questioning Pablo, while Matt feels his training skills are unappreciated at home and makes other career plans. Pete tries to win Jean back. She finds herself tempted but ultimately rejects him, sending him into the arms of Isabelle. Junior gets closer to both Pete and Rebecca Rebound and drifts further from Davis. Dani continues building her empire, is threatened by Junior's closeness to the new women in his life, and offers Matt a job.

#2007 Taking Off Written by Jordan Hawley
Kris learns a lesson in the jockey life as she works under a renowned but demanding trainer. She grows closer to Kerry in the process. Junior redefines his relationship with Rebecca when they both run into housing issues, and Jean must deal with the consequences of her growing closer to Pete as Charlie returns.

#2008 Fear Written by Stephanie Ripps
Kris must turn to Junior for help when she is asked to throw a race by John Zack, the figure from Pablo's past in episode 2006. Also, Dani woos Kris to be her stable's Jockey after Matt suggests her as the best person for the job. Pete and Jean see their relationship change, as Matt discovers some startling news about his father.

#2009 Break Down Written by Sandy Isaac
Kris finds herself racing Dani's horse Picaro against Wildfire, as the result of a promise she made to Davis for his aid in 2008. During the race a dangerous accident leaves Kris and Wildfire's racing future in jeopardy.

#2010 51/49 Written by Christina Lynch & Loren Segan
Kris deals with a crisis of confidence after the events of the pile-up, as Junior and Dani find out startling news about their father and Matt struggles with revealing information regarding the cause of the pile-up with Kris.

#2011 Who Are You? Written by Winston Gieseke
Logline: Kris must woo an influential heiress in hopes of getting Wildfire, and not Dani's horse Ishmael, selected for the Breeders Invitational Stakes. She will get the perfect opportunity at the Davis Charity Ball that Junior and Dani are now in charge of running. Will Kerry's Pygmalion-like transformation of Kris give her the edge she needs to beat out Dani and win the heiress's favor?

#2012 For Love Or Money Written by Chris Lynch & Loren Segan & Stephanie Ripps
Kris must choose between an opportunity to win a spot in the Breeders Invitational Stakes and caring for an in-labor Belladonna. Will Kris choose Love or Money?

#2013 Close Shave Written by Marjorie David
Kris is reunited with Wildfire in time to race on the world's biggest stage, in the Breeders Invitational Stakes. She'll be facing their toughest competition, as Dani's horse Ishmael is also scheduled to run. Can Kris overcome the odds