Over the past year the popular social network Twitter has blown up the Internet allowing us peons to follow our favorite celebrities. If they are updating and tweeting like good little birds, we can see everything from what time they are waking up, to whom they are keeping tabs on and even what they are eating for lunch. It makes us feel like we are actually a part of their immediate circle, a friend almost. And it’s not just the Tween Disney stars, obnoxious reality stars and egotistic celebrities who tweet, its athletes, politicians, financial gurus and well respected A-listers who want the public to know what they are doing. Most people were skeptical to the Twitter world at fist wondering why someone would care what we drank at Starbucks that afternoon and why we would want to know when Jessica Simpson farted. But we do, and it is more than addicting. Some entertainment websites even have a scrolling Tweet bar on their homepage, like it’s the NASDAQ.

If you don’t have Twitter, you are considered behind the times. Whether you actually send tweets or just follow others, self promotion is huge in Hollywood and if you aren’t on top of your game you’ll fade away faster than Tila Tequila. Celebrities tweet about current events, their concert tours, movie premieres, and some even hold contests to give away tickets and merchandise. Whether or not the celebrity is the one behind the tweets or they make their assistants keep up with their account is to be decided, but when it comes to stars like Kim Kardashian, we’re pretty sure those are her thumbs twittering away on that Blackberry.

There are many levels of Tweeters. There are the ones you would never expect to be on the site, like President Barack Obama (we doubt he actually has the time to send tweets himself), Queen Elizabeth (we’re going to guess she’s not a frequent Tweeter either) and Martha Stewart (we’re totally going to start following her), the ones with the most followers, like Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga, and the peeps who share a little too much. For example Lindsay Lohan, who told the Twitter community that she just failed her drug test. Really Lindsay? Then there are the celebrities who are completely over it.

Demi Lovato surprised her fans recently telling them she was quitting for good. Her fans were shocked and sad that they wouldn’t be able to keep up with her daily duties and follow her to the mall. So after her tween Twitter-ers said their piece, she backed down to just quitting for a while, sending one last Tweet- “Twitterbreak. Peace.” She claimed that the access her followers had to her was making her uncomfortable- which is a little ironic because she is the one sending these Tweets, correct? Amanda Bynes and Leann Rimes have also recently stopped updating us on their lives. What will we do?

Other celebrity quitters- John Mayer, who called his break a “metaphoric retirement” and said he left because he was done with his tour and heading back to the studio. We can live without hearing him talk about his sexual conquests and making fun of poor Jessica Simpson. Miley Cyrus quit by posting a video explaining why she was telling the website goodbye, but has since come back. Did we mention it was addicting? We’ll see how long these so-called Twitter breaks will be, but in the meantime, we know we’ll always be able to keep tabs on Ashton Kutcher.