In this month's edition of Page Six Magazine, Sarah Silverman gives an interview in which she discusses the difficulty of dating after the end of her five-year relationship with comedian, Jimmy Kimmel. Not surprisingly, getting back in the game after so many years proved to be challenging but apparently starting over with her new, unnamed boyfriend has been better for her ego than dating Jimmy.

"The guy I'm dating now, who is so awesome, is not my typical fare. He's really skinny. Usually I like pudgy, macho-ish guys (sic) I think he's the first guy in a decade who's given me any kind of compliment, like saying I'm pretty or anything," she said.

Ok, so I almost failed calculus by half of a percent but let me get this straight - she dated Jimmy for five years and she hasn't been paid a compliment in a decade. By my count, it seems like Jimmy isn't exactly forthcoming with the compliments, which definitely doesn't bode well for him because he needs all the help he can get with the ladies. Too bad Sarah didn't say something like, "Jimmy has a money tree in his back yard that will only shed C-notes for his girlfriend." Or better yet, said, "The real reason Jimmy and I broke up is because he wanted a no-name girlfriend that he could make into Hollywood's next big star."

If she had said that, he would have had his pick of everyone woman that has ever appeared on a VH1 reality show, including Latoya Jackson, New York and all the Rock of Love ladies.

Even though Sarah didn't get paid a compliment in five years, she's definitely one up on Jimmy. It's rumored that she is dating Alec Sulkin, a writer and producer for "Family Guy". Whether or not this is her new man doesn't really matter as much as she is currently sporting a hand-shaped bruise on her butt that she recently showed off on "The Late Show with David Letterman". According to Sarah, the bruise appeared after a night of raucous love-making and to that I say, "Good for Sarah!" Not only is she getting a guy to call her "pretty", which is like the Holy Grail for us females, but she gets to brag about her sex life on the "Late Show". I can't say I ever recall her bragging about her sex life as a guest on "The Jimmy Kimmel Show". Jimmy should really reevaluate his compliment quota in his next relationship because it seems Sarah is having the final laugh.

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Story by Nicole Bagood

Starpulse contributing writer