Nurses Never Get Sick - Here Are 10 Tips And Secrets That Explain Why They're Always Healthy

"Panic plays no part in the training of a nurse." -Elizabeth Kenny

Nurses are those intrepid creatures on the planet who wander in the most infectious and germy areas, yet I always wonder how they manage to stay active and healthy while spending their days and nights in a bug-house!

Here I am, I can't even spend a single winter without suffering from the common cold or a fever or even the flu.

One day, I hit upon a luck when I found a nurse who was ready to let slip some of the inside secrets of their healthy lives.

Here are a few tips and tricks you definitely need to know about...

Don't touch things in public with your bare hands

Believe me, I'm not crazy. It's really tough not to touch things in public, like subway hand-holds or poles, shopping carts, door handles, etc., so one thing you can do is use disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer to lessen your chances of picking up some germs or bacteria that cause viral infections.

Meat tenderizer helps with painful stings

No, not that thing above, the stuff below. Of course, the thing above will probably help as you'll have a much harsher pain to worry about than a piddly little bee sting. Meat tenderizer, such as the kind below, can be sprinkled on the site of a bee or wasp sting (get the stinger out first!) and it will actually help ease the pain and the sting from it. I've actually tried this, and it does work.

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