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Marisa Miller promotes the V-Rod, which has nothing to do with Madonna & A-Rod - On 205th

After years of giving men heart attacks, pinup-girl Bettie Page has one of her own - Celebrity Smack

Keanu Reeves and the lost art of bad acting - Next

Jones BIG ASS Truck Rental & Storage:

The top 50 trips in movies. And we're not talking vacations here. - Den of Geek

Yet another example of how lightsabers can be photoshopped into just about anything - Celebrity Smack

Guy who played the father on "Alf" has been spending his TV Land residuals in his local crackhouse - Holy Taco

Instant classic from this week's SNL, "J--- in My Pants" (PG-13):

Pamela Anderson is classy. - Superficial

Hands down, this is the planet's biggest Pokemon fan. No question. - geekologie

Josh Holloway is wet, topless & swimming in his jeans again - Superficial

Quote of the day:

Christina Aguilera launches her new fragrance, "Inspire" - Starpulse Photo Gallery

Vinnie Jones got his ass kicked for playing Juggernaut in X-Men 3 - Superficial

Did Coldplay plagiarize "Viva La Vida" or is it just another in a long list of songs that sound the same? - Holy Moly

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