Earlier this week, the media was stormed and shocked by the attempted murder of a 12 year old by two of her peers. This was no accident - it was an attempt by the assailiants to attract the attention of one of the internet's most closely guarded urban legends - the Slender Man.

It's fortunate that the innocent victim did survive, and is in stable condition.

Who IS the Slender Man though?

In terms of appearance, the Slender Man (or slender men, if there are multiple) look like a tall, male figure, usually portrayed as dressed in a suit and tie, with a featureless face, gangly arms, and occasionally a gaping, toothy maw. Sometimes the Slender Man is portrayed with wriggling appendages that are either believed to be tentacles or arachnoid-esque arms that protrude from its' back.

No one can be sure what the Slender Man's ultimate goal is. The first mention of Slender Man, and indeed it's urban-myth inception was on the Something Awful forum, as submitted by user Eric Knudson AKA Surge. Slender Man seems to have a preoccupation with kidnapping, traumatizing and maybe even eating children. From Something Aweful, the mythos surrounding the figure took off in 'creepypasta' format - short stories that are able to be easily copied and pasted from site to site.

This was the Slender Man's debut picture on Something Awful.

Take note of the tall, faceless man, with long prehensile arms to the left ofthe slide in the background.

Since the Slender Man's assimilation into pop culture, it pops up in photos across the web, usually appearing somewhat hidden, often in corners or just out of the focus of the picture - like these ones below. Beware, they are creepy.


The Slender Man has been featured repeatedly in pop culture - in more than just pictures. The hit indie game SLENDER featured a protagonist who was on the run from the Slender Man. It was not only an incredible hit with the gaming community, but it was unbelievably scary to boot.

WARNING : Profanity

There is one thing all these photos have in common.

They are all fabrications.

The Slender Man DOES NOT EXIST. 

We find it reprehensible and abhorrent that a murder was nearly committed on the whim that this phenomenon exists. It represents a severe gap in culture and education, and it's more than a little ridiculous that such a thing should happen today.

The Slender Man, like the chupacabra, werewolf and Frankenstein's monster, are stories to captivate our minds and keep us awake at night. We repeat : THE SLENDER MAN IS NOT REAL

However, if I go missing under mysterious circumstances over the next couple days, I might be inclined to change my position on this. 

If you're like me and you have a strange interest in urban pop-culture legends, then I encourage you to check out the Creepypasta Wiki, which is filled with cool, bite sized horror fiction, which runs the gamut from Cthulhu to the enigmatic Rake dog. Beware, some of this stuff is rather mature oriented, but we're sure you can handle it.

Anyway, leave your comments below. What do you think about the Slender Man? What's your favorite Creepypasta urban legend? Let us know!