WARNING! Spoilers follow. Read at your own risk. 

Who the heck is Quinn Perkins?! Why is she on the run? Why is she important enough for Olivia to risk so much and cover up a bloody, murderous crime scene that could solve some major problems with the White House? These are the questions that racked everyone’s brains at the end of last season. We’ve heard plenty of speculation and outlandishly contrived stories in desperate attempts to give a background to the mystery woman.

Season 2’s first episode finally answers at least that first question. Quinn Perkins Lindsay Dwyer is now in custody for allegedly mailing a bomb to her cheating-boyfriend-of-6-months’s job, killing him and several of his colleagues – six to be exact. After she comes home to police and FBI ransacking her apartment for clues and motive, she makes a run for it – aka got drugged and kidnapped to later wake up in a Washington D.C. hotel with a new identity, complete with name, birth certificate, social security card and passport.  Hmmm…. 

Of course, not everyone on Olivia’s team is buying her story. The episode seems to center around her trial and Olivia’s strategy to get her freedom.

Prosecution asks for the death penalty.

Steven quit, got married, moved to Boston. Seemingly he was the closest to Olivia and the team acknowledges that and laments not having someone who can truly relate to Olivia during those times of great necessity and emotional reserve. Olivia laments her own loss – her White House love affair – and shows only a bit of affect throughout the episode. In true Olivia Pope fashion.  

The First Lady is pregnant with “America’s Baby” while there are talks of going to war with Sudan. Fitz is clearly annoyed. 

Olivia gets a new client in Rhode Island. Another Clinton/Fitz horny politician case.

Quinn fires Olivia and wants to take a plea. Olivia is irate, of course, not having it.  In the most heated scene, the exchange goes as follows:

Quinn: Why do you care?!

Olivia: I care about m y clients.

Quinn: You knew my name wasn’t Quinn Perkins, how did you know?

Olivia: I do my homework.

Quinn: How did you know!

Olivia: I do my homework!!

Quinn: That’s NOT an answer!!!

Olivia: I don’t have to answer to you. I have to PRODUCE for you. I don’t do lost causes or tilting at windmills. I don’t’ perform miracles or the impossible. I make cold calculations about difficult situations and I do not take on anything I know I won’t win, and I WILL win this!

There goes that plea along with the newly hired attorney. And short-lived hopelessness.

The new client, a congessman, has a sex tape about to release. Olivia’s team works fervently to keep it under wraps.

The First Lady starts taking way too many liberties, attempting to steer administrative decisions in her desired direction. Fitz lambastes her for it. They quickly makeup after she acknowledges Fitz “might” miss “her” and asks him not to take it out on her.

Olivia and Fitz exchange a sentimental phone call. She advises him. Clearly, she’d make a better first lady. They exchange heart felt words while acknowledging they shouldn’t be speaking. After they end the call, the scene soon ends, transitioning into a new scene of the next day with Olivia in the office, energized, with fresh, innovative ideas and ready to make moves. Olivia puts a creative spin on the sex tape that will inevitably leak.

Meanwhile, the team works fervently to come up with something to save Quinn/Lindsay, but reach some dejecting dead ends. Hopelessness re-ensues. Olivia makes a mysterious phone call after tightly closing her office doors shut and concedes that she will lose the case to whoever is on the other end.

The next scene opens with the defense attorney trying the same tactic that failed during opening. ???? whispers to Quinn that while she’s allowed to try one more time at closing, this NEVER works. The judge accepts, the case is dismissed. EVERYONE is shocked. David, the prosecutor and Olivia’s acquaintance, is outraged. Case closed. The Gladiator prevails. Quinn walks. The end. Or is it?

Olivia approaches David and he is upset and bitter, feeling taken advantage of and set-up. He vows to find out how Olivia pulled this off.

Back in the White House, Fitz takes the reigns back, spins his wife’s press soliloquy that he claims as “sabotage.”

The team becomes suspicious of Olivia’s tactics and curious to know how she pulled this off. Huck remains loyal. Walks off to his office with a cardboard box of all the evidence from Quinn’s case. He begins reviewing some tape of her walking out of the hotel in D.C., where she was taken after being kidnapped and awakens to a new identity. The camera pans into the surveillance video recording to see an image of Huck covertly standing in a corner outside the hotel, watching as Quinn exits with her new identity. He then hops into a car and tells the driver, “She took it. Everything we left for her. She’s good to go.” The driver is Olivia. They drive off together. Episode ends.

The next episode features a new scandal including a dead man with, of course, sexually explicit and, this time peculiar, circumstances. David is on a furious mission to find out how Olivia got Quinn off and seems willing to investigate all the way to the top. Quinn warns him to “let this one go.” The drama and mystery continues. 

Tell me folks, what are your predictions??? What is Olivia's role in the whole Quinn cover up? Why did she have her kidnapped and give her a new identity? Any interesting theories out there? Please share!