Despite having millions of fans around the world, countless Twitter followers and lots of talent (well, most of them), there are a handful of actors, actresses, singers, reality TV stars, etc., who people just love to hate.

Kim Kardashian's family built a empire on the base of a sex tape that leaked to the public, and now they're all household names. Millions watch the television show, but millions more can't stand them and resent the fact that Kim's sex tape with an R&B singer is what started it all.

One star is a huge diva, yet super-talented in all facets of showbiz. Another has quite the voice, but she's a home-wrecker.

One is possibly the greatest guitar player of the modern era, but his womanizing ways overshadow his chops.

Another thinks he's a god; and one beats women.

Here are the most hated celebrities in showbiz...

The Kardashians (all of them)