Christina Hendricks is one of today's sexiest women in showbiz thanks to her voluptuous curves and ample bosom.

The Mad Men star, however, didn't top a new list of curvaceous beauties from Entertainment Tonight, though. In fact, she came in fifth.

Most people only think of one thing when they hear the word "voluptuous": boobs; but the dictionary describes the word, an adjective,  as 1. relating to, characterized by, or consisting of pleasures of the body or senses; sensual; 2. disposed, devoted, or addicted to sensual indulgence or luxurious pleasures; 3. provocative and sexually alluring, esp through shapeliness or fullness.

All of those words describe these five women, including Ms. Hendricks, to a T. Check out the rest of the list below...

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#4 Salma Hayek

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