Vampires Suck, Twilight, and True Blood all have a gorgeous lineup of vampires, werewolves and their human admirers. Which cast gets your blood pumping?

Vampires can't resist the smell of fresh human blood, just like Hollywood studios can't resist the temptation of easy money. And if there's one lesson Hollywood has learned from Twilight, it's that a compelling plot and character development don't matter as long as you have a smoking hot cast. Why bother with interesting dialogue when you can just have Robert Pattinson look into the camera and smolder? Who needs plot development when you have Taylor Lautner's abs?

The newest vampire movie on the block comes from the guy’s behind the Scary Movie franchise. Vampires Suck calls out the Twilight phenomenon, and the comedy has just the right amount of eye candy to do it. So just how well does the Vampires Suck cast compare to the people they’re spoofing?  Tell us who makes your heart pump blood!


Hottie Matt Lanter (90210, Sorority Row) plays Edward. He might not have the perfectly coifed hair of Robert Pattinson, but he has a face that belongs on screen. It's too bad he has to wear so much white makeup.





Chris Riggi (Gossip Girl) plays Jacob White, and while Riggi might not inspire the same hormone-fueled insanity as Taylor Lautner, his abs look just as toned. One question, if Riggi and Lautner play werewolves, why do they always look freshly waxed in human form? You’d think they’d have at least a sprinkling of chest hair!




No vampire story would be complete without a vampire groupie, a girl with a thing for undead male-model types. Twilight has Kristen Stewart, who would be hotter if she learned how to smile. Fans have always been split on Kristen Stewart's rightful place on the hotness scale. To be honest, she has pretty average looks for a big Hollywood star. Her counterpart in Vampires Suck, Jenn Proske, looks undeniably more feminine than Stewart.




Anneliese van der Pol, who played Chelsea Daniels on That's So Raven, stars as another mortal. Your boyfriend has to have something to distract him from the gratuitous werewolf abs.Twilight has Ashley Greene (sorry Kristen, but it's true); in Vampires Suck, it’s Anneliese van der Pol.





Of course all these young actors have serious competition. In True Blood, it’s Anna Paquinand Alexander Skarsgard. Robert Pattinson may be a teen sex symbol, but Alexander Skarsgard is a full-grown man. In the same vein, The Vampire Diaries has a seriously good looking cast. Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrevand Paul Wesley might not have a massive following like the Twilight stars, but they certainly have the looks.  

So which vampire franchise has the hottest cast? Do any of these actors get your blood pumping like Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner? Which Vampire groupie (Stewart, Paquin, Proske) would you pick to spend eternity with?