Let's face it, there's nothing hotter than a hot a$$!  The booty is worshipped after the breasts and lips in the entertainment world. Let's look at some famous bums, and let us know your pick for best.  Don't forget to let us know if we missed anyone on our list!

Nicole Scherzinger

Celebrity Nicole Scherzinger may now be a top dancing star, but she's also a winning booty star.

Beyonce Knowles

Celebrity Beyonce Knowles' booty is way too "bootylicious for you babe."


Celebrity Coco, rapper Ice T's better half, is one lady who is proud of her booty.

Kim Kardashian

Real or not?  Who cares! Celebrity Kim Kardashian has one of the hottest booties around.

Lenny Kravitz

Here's celebrity Lenny Kravitz, and we are quite booty happy that he's left the jacket behind.

Jennifer Lopez

It is beyond dispute, for celebrity Jennifer Lopez, that she may have the hottest booty of all in entertainment.


Celebrity Ciara's modeling career may be on a roll these days because she is booty packing.

Pamela Anderson

Celebrity Pamela Anderson is a woman who knows her body, and that she is the owner of some good booty.

Jessica Simpson

Celebrity Jessica Simpson, whether in a dress or plain ole' jeans, knows how to show off her booty assets.


Rapper Trina knows that a great booty is the main asset of a "five star chick."  

Alicia Keys

Celebrity Alicia Keys is fahionably classy, and nothing can cover her true booty.


Ricky Martin

Celebrity Ricky Martin's "bon bon" is perfect for some booty shaking.