With The Amazing Spider-Man doing well critically and in box offices, it's time to think about the upcoming sequel - it's obvious one is coming, anyway. What could be in store for Andrew Garfield's Spidey? Let's take a look at some possible villains for the next films.

The Lizard is still around, although he's still in a jail cell. What keeps The Lizard around is his mental instability and a lust for perfection - just because he was given an antidote doesn't mean he won't try to continue his research, or regain the immense power he had before. He could appear late in a film to further complicate things.

As far as new enemies, Electro and Green Goblin (or the Osbornes in general) will be near the top for the powers that be at Sony. However, there is a trio of enemies many comic fans want at some point in the films:

- Morlun, a being that hunts Spider-Man believing him to have the pure essence of the spider and is featured in one of the best story arcs, Coming Home. Problem: The story is fairly convoluted and would be difficult to tell in a single movie. However, there are parts of the first film that feel like they are hinting towards this direction.

- Mysterio, a special effects creator that uses illusion to befuddle Spidey. Problem: This character is cheese upon cheese, and has been used multiple times for comedic effect. He has a giant globe for a head!

- Venom/Carnage: There is a Venom movie in the works, which would hopefully lead into a Separation Anxiety film. Basically, Venom and Spidey team up to take on Carnage, an alien symbiote that is more psychotic and evil than Venom. Problem: Who knows if the Venom movie will come out? If it gets stuck in turnaround, Spidey won't wait, and introducing Venom and Carnage in the same film would be ridiculous. 

Who do you want to see Spider-Man battle in the next movie?