Where are the Safest Countries in the World to Live?

If you are like many people who watch the news daily, you see lots of scary that are happening around the globe. From terrorist attacks to minor crimes that affect everyone, sometimes we just want to escape to someplace safe so we won't have to worry about crime and attacks. But is there really anywhere safe anymore? The answer is no, but there are countries that are a bit safer than others, and if you were wondering which countries are the safest, here are the Top 10, enjoy!

10. Sweden

Stockholm, SwedenStockholm, Sweden freeartist

Forget the gloomy, rain-soaked Scandi crime dramas. Northern Europe's liberal bastion Sweden is among the safest nations on the planet. In 2015, there were a mere 90 murders at a population of almost 10 million. If you think that is still a great deal for a small number of taxpayers, keep in mind that Sweden has just as many individuals living in it as Michigan. In almost any given calendar year, Detroit alone documents way over 90 murders. To be fair, Sweden is not completely crime free. At the tourist months, pickpocketing rates soar. There is also the thorny issue of rape.

Sweden has the highest rape rate in all of Europe, which surely doesn't sound very secure&hellip, till you realize the sheer differences in between what constitutes rape in Sweden and what constitutes rape in the united states. To take an example given from the Globe and Mail, in case your American boss was to knock himself against you in work every day for a week, you can sue the jerk for harassment. When he did the same thing in Sweden, he'd face 52 separate counts of rape. Since 2005 rape law has been the most feminist from the world. Maybe it is no wonder only 15% of Swedes feel unsafe walking alone at night time.

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