It looked like it was all over for Charlie Sheen after his hotel room antics and bizarre radio show rants. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Despite his behavior, more and more people are warming up to Sheen's personality as it unfolds on interviews and on his Twitter feed. It makes one think: Can Charlie turn it around and be successful in show business again? Let's take a look at some of his options.

Scripted Television: There is a 1% chance Charlie returns to Two and a Half Men. Consider that bridge burned; Sheen would have to ford the river Oregon Trail-style. However, remember that his character on the show was basically a version of himself. A network with a timeslot to fill would be crazy not to slap something together around Charlie and air it.

Unscripted Television: If the above doesn't work, Charlie's real-life is more interesting than most of the reality shows out there. Get him, his goddesses, his mansion, and a camera crew... then let it unfold! 

Clip contains adult language - Click here for more great clips from Major League

Movies: The idea for a new Major League movie has been floated. Whether that's a possibility or not, Charlie can act - he has proven it in comedies, action flicks, and dramas. 

Talk Show Host: People would tune in on satellite radio or cable to hear Charlie's thoughts on a daily basis - they are already doing it on Twitter and his recent interviews have done well for the news shows airing them. Let him express himself and bring on some friends for a chat, and the ratings would build.

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What do you think is next for Charlie Sheen?

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