What Happens When You Mix A Beloved Childhood Cartoon With An Iconic Supervillian? Find Out.

Darth Pooh

Everyone's favorite Pooh Bear (aka Jim Cummings) was on a guest Q&A panel at the 2013 Connecticut Comic Convention. The event was anything but standard though, as towards the end Cummings and his cohort Lauren Landa (BlazBlue, Attack on Titan) re-enacted the opening scene from Star Wars : A New Hope - but with a comedic twist.

Take a look at the video below for some memorable laughs.

Cummings is also the voice of the lesser-known, but still much loved Darkwing Duck - whose voice also makes an appearance in the video above.

Since the above video is a little hard to hear, we've included an extra one for you - it's a little more truncated, but the audio quality is far better! Enjoy!

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