Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. In modern terms, this means many Christians will be giving up meat and one other thing they enjoy. So we came up with some things that celebrities should give up for forty days - even if they don't practice Christianity.

Ashton Kutcher: Twitter
Hopefully, Ashton owns a percentage of Twitter, because few have done more to promote the social website. However, he should probably take an extended break and remember what life was like before he was snapping pictures just for Twitter or letting us in on his everyday activities and thoughts.

Cast of Jersey Shore: Hair Product
Look, I know you guys and girls need to look good for the dance floor, but there's a line. A line they have crossed many times. If they will absolutely not drop the product, they should at least rid themselves of the fake tanner when they head down to Miami, assuming that's where the next season will be.

Heidi Montag: Plastic Surgery
Just because I made all of those "Chincinatti" jokes at her expense doesn't mean I wanted Heidi to bust her face up and rebuild it. At this rate, she's gonna look like that cat lady in another year. She's 23 and she doesn't look like Barbie - get over it!

Angelina Jolie: Adoption
Angelina's brood is big enough. Yes, there are millions of children that need a family - but at this point can't she just advocate adoption services instead of using them?

Lady Gaga: Flamboyant Outfits
At this point, I'm not sure if Lady Gaga wants to be a musician or just the center of attention. At least she's giving jobs to all of those "misunderstood" fashion designers.

Bai Ling: Showing Your Nipples
There is an unwritten rule describing how many times a woman can show her nipple before it's no longer an event. Bai Ling has multiplied that number enough times that we don't even click the link to her latest nipple slip.

NBC: Being A Bad Network
NBC jerked around one of the funniest men working for them (Conan O'Brien) until he quit, but not until they proved they had no idea what they were doing. They also made his replacement (Jay Leno) look like a jerk - who also had his final show outperformed by a repeat. They air the Olympics - sometimes live, and sometimes not without a discernible explanation why. We all knew Lindsey Jacobellis was DQ'ed hours before her event even aired yesterday. Yet, NBC still holds video recaps from ESPN and other outlets until the next day. If you are so afraid video recaps will cut into your viewer-ship, then maybe you shouldn't shell out $2.2 billion for the Winter Olympics! I can go on: Friday Night Lights was given a "death" timeslot, The Office won't end until NBC sucks it dry like they did with Friends, Southland was screwed over by the Jay Leno show: basically, with Jay at 10 PM every night, NBC didn't have a slot for a late night drama. Rant over.

Hollywood: Unnecessary Remakes/Sequels/Dumb Adaptations
MARMADUKE DOES NOT NEED A MOVIE. Okay, so remakes and adaptations have always been a part of Hollywood. Those flicks, however, have always been offset by new ideas. It seems these days that if there is an existing property, Hollywood snaps it up before considering original ones. You have to be an established director to get studio backing for something unique - at some point, Hollywood will have to innovate again. Hopefully it won't be too late. I'll amend this with a selection for moviegoers: stop going to unnecessary remakes, sequels, and dumb adaptations. Vote with your dollars.

Story by Casey Johnson contributing writer