Here is what needs to be avoided in season seven:

- The Mole/Fake Mole -

It has been done to death, and we can't see how they can conceivably pull off another believable traitor-esque situation. It seems there has been a mole in every season, along with the Gael version of a mole, where he turns out to be working with Jack all along (see season three.) This should not be a problem to eliminate, especially considering the fact that Jack Bauer should be on his own.

- Stupid Sub-Plots -

From Kim Bauer's misadventures (remember the cougar) to Erin Driscol's daughter that we didn't give a shit about (I wasn't disappointed when she killed herself), the writers should not inject time fillers that just eat up clock in between action scenes. They need to go back and examine on what made seasons one, two and five so perfect. Don't write in bullshit filler subplots because all it does is anger the fans. I'd like to punch the writer in the face whose idea it was to have Chloe baby-sit Chase's baby at CTU. The baby subplot was ridiculous and belonged in Days of Our Lives not "24."

- The Power Trip -

This also has been done to death. From George Mason (R.I.P), to Noah Daniels (Powers Boothe) in season six, newly appointed people go on massive power trips throwing logic out the window and making personal vendettas a priority. Making irrational decisions after being appointed to a new position makes little sense to me. This again should be easy to take out of this upcoming season since Jack should not be working for a governmental agency.

- Over-Throwing The President -

This needs to stop. From secret congressional hearings, assassination attempts, bombings, and shooting down Air Force One (which was awesome!), this territory has been completely covered. The President needs to be left alone. If I was the President I would love Jack Bauer, but man, you got to keep your distance. Friendship with Jack Bauer when you are the President has led to some really bad situations.

- Important Governmental Aid Being Manipulated -

Again, this has been done a few times. From David Palmer's idiot assistant, Noah's manipulation skills, to the cowardly fighter jet pilot, weaker minded individuals should not be employed by a garbage truck company, let alone the higher branches of our government.

- The Important Person/Witness Gets Assassinated -

You know how this goes. That mysterious person is finally found and caught, moments away from safety or helicopter rescue, only to be sniped/killed/poisoned minutes after being in Jack's custody.

- Side Characters Who Have Relatives In Peril -

Enough with a sick aunt or a crazy daughter already, we don't care about side character's families. If they were important, the writers would make them a main character. If after 13 episodes some side character's mom is sick then screw 'em. I don't care about your mother because the story doesn't care enough about you. Understand?

- Bad CGI -

This really only has happened a few times on the show (most notably the fall Marwan takes out of a building in season four), but for a show that has a pretty large budget in TV standards, they need to avoid the pitfalls on making that mistake. Ninety-nine percent of the time the stunts are awesome, but occasionally it will look just too damn cheesy. The last one I can think of happened in season five where they shot down the missile near the finale, and the explosion looked like something I made in Photoshop.

- Stop Leaving Potential Storylines Unexplored -

Whatever happened to the people that Nina Myers worked for overseas in season one? How exactly were they connected with the Drazens' that were so hell bent on killing Jack in every which way? The writers need to stop leaving certain storylines unanswered. Much like how season six never really addressed the fact that Jack's family was basically a bunch of terrorists, they need to stop presenting ideas and never fully running with them or addressing them. Make a choice, stick to it, and ride it to the end. You cannot present eight story paths and touch on a little bit of each.

- There Are Other Cities Besides Los Angeles -

Seriously, stop attacking the same city already. There are tons of cities that have potential, and in season five they seriously went out of their way for that missile to try and hit LA. Come on people, pick a new city. Los Angeles needs a break in the world of Jack Bauer.

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