Welcome to the weekly Twitter Roundup. Hope you enjoyed the ridiculous amount of Twitter Spam that's been going around this week:

But in actual celebrity news, Amanda Bynes, in a ferocious one-two punch takes a swipe at teenage pop-idol Miley Cyrus, and former love-interest Drake. (For no reason in particular.)

(Note: Amanda has since deleted the Tweets from her Twitter feed. These are leftover HTML reconstructions, so images and links will not work. )

As usual, she's not making much sense, but that's something we've come to expect from Amanda. Cyrus has since responded to her comments, claiming that she was rooting for her 'comeback', but chalks the whole incident up to attention whoring. After all, Bynes has been known to attack whoever is standing in the limelight to draw attention to herself.

In a strange twist of fate, however, Amanda then deleted the Tweets, and tweeted back at Miley:

Did she just use this whole fiasco as a shameless plug for her new nosejob? We may never know.