Welcome Starpulsers, to this week's Celebrity Twitter Roundup. The Tweet-o-sphere has been absolutely bustling with activity this week; from Blackberries and Alicia keys, to Drag queens and Jersey Girls, and much more.

First, Jessie J shaves her head for a cause!

50cent calls BS on Rick Ross' driveby and car crash. Old rivalries die hard.

Snooki and JWoww hang out with a Drag Queen for Perez, and talk about pretty much everything. Not for the prude or faint of heart.

Alicia keys assumes her new role as head creative director for Blackberry.

Bieber tries to clear his name with his fans

Kylie Jenner starts a Twitter rant about falsified information. (It's a pretty lengthy one too!)

Ellen Degeneres and Ryan Andresen make waves in the fight for equality among Boy Scouts.

Kendra makes some Superbowl Predictions

And that's it for this week! Make sure you check back next Saturday for next week's Celebrity Twitter roundup!