Welcome one, welcome all to this week's Twitter roundup, where we put all the best Twitterings and Instagrammings in one place for you to see, in one bite-sized package! This week, President Obama's inauguration, Seacrest crowns Justin Bieber the Grand Pooh-Bah of Twitter, some old men join the internet, Shakira gives birth, Seth Macfarlane brings civil rights to Tweets and more.

President Obama reflecting on his successes at the 2013 inauguration

Is 50Cent having some romance issues?

Kelly Osbourne fights against the system.

Jimmy Fallon welcomes two classic comedians to Twitter.

Seacrest congratulates Justin on his ascension to the Twitter throne.

Jim Carrey has been deeply affected by the Beyonce Lip-Synching scandal.

Denis Leary wants to help the firefighters and their families who sacrificed so much during Sandy.

Miranda Kerr shows off baby pics of her and her beloved brother.

Shakira finally pops and gives birth to a baby boy.

Seth MacFarlane is advocating for emoticon affirmative action.

That's all for this week! Check back next Saturday for another Twitter Weekly Roundup.