Frank Ocean and Chris Brown to continue their feud, which started after Brown made a comment about Ocean after leaving a club in Cannes.

The Rock gets a notice from the police - but not the kind you'd expect.

Seth Rogan's Tweetstarter

And Zach Braff's rebuttal:

Twitpic of the Week. Look at those pearly whites.

Jimmy Fallon and his wife welcomed a little baby girl into their family this week.

Can anyone translate British English?

Inspirational Quote of the Week - always think you can!

Stephen Amell shares the AWESOME ACTION-PACKED trailer for Arrow Season Two.

Latenight Clip of the Week. Ever need 'Unsee-It'?

Dana Carvey's take on... Weiners.

And finally, Colbert's Royal baby fever is still on. And he was just getting over Pope-Fever too (which was in Latin, so he didn't even know he had it. )