Hello and welcome to Starpulse's weekly Celebrity Twitter Roundup. As usual, we have acollection of funny, important, interesting and otherwise enlightening celebrity Tweets for you this week, so dive right in.

Heidi Montag has a spot of tea - we wonder what's an "improper" afternoon tea look like?

Russel Brand thinks about tackling fatherhood for his new show, BrandX.

Stephen Fry lends a hand to confront eating disorders.

Anticipating some heavy pregnancy cravings, Claussen Pickles sends Kim Kardashian a 'case' of pickles. Ben and Jerry just has to send the ice cream now.

Diddy gets ready to feed the beast.

Drake bravely admits to the world why he doesn't Tweet his every-day activities.

Sarah Shahi and I have something in common.

Dwayne shows us how real men work out. (And makes the rest of us feel small and insecure.)

Snooki gets cracking on her Spring fashions.

And finally, Cody Simpson takes over M Magazine's Twitter for a fan Q&A session.

That's it for this week! Check back this coming Saturday for next week's Celebrity Twitter Roundup.