Welcome to Starpulse's Weekly Celebrity Twitter. This week has been filled with angry Indie-Hating Beliebers, baby fund-raisers and comedians having their Twitter accounts hacked by horse-eating Brits. Jump right in.

Some unlucky hacker has invoked the wrath of Clarkson. He has learned a thing or two from Liam Neeson.

Coco celebrates President's Day - the right way.

Leno takes a bite at BK.

Patrick Carney poses as Justin Bieber on Twitter, to the chagrin, enmity and scalding hatred of the Beliebers. Now Mr. Carney has almost as many psychotic teenage girls on his Twitter feed as Justin Bieber does - except they want to kill him, instead of jumping his bones.

Here's just a couple of the hate-Tweets for your entertainment. More on his Twitter here: (there are some real gems.)

Kendall Jenner puts on a hater-blocker hoodie.

Jimmy Fallon gets in touch with his inner gamer for the announcement of PS4.

From one Justin to another...

Shakira's baby is off to a great life start, with a successful humanitarian fund raiser.

And Stephen Colbert gets hacked by BK.

That's it for this week. Check back again next week for Starpulse's weekly Celebrity Twitter Roundup.