Welcome one and all to Starpulse's Weekly Twitter Roundup. Lets not waste a minute and get right into this weeks Twitter happenings.

This week, Victoria Justice tries egg yolk for the first time. What kind of egg yolk? The world may never know.

Kylie Jenner announces her Rihanna fixation.

Pitbull is all about the business. Dale.

Rihanna embarks on her first fashion venture.

Denis Leary announces his vote for the new Pope. We are inclined to agree.

D'aw. Ryan Seacrest has a valentine - her name is Starbucks.

Kim Kardashian with a conspicuous baby bump?

Jimmy Fallon has Bruce Willis on for Late Night. It was a show to Die Hard for.

Love Guru Neil Patrick Harris gives us all some jems of wisdom for this V-Day. #Respect.

Jimmy Kimmel finally makes it into Playboy; a career highlight. Good on you Jimmy.

Finally, Mariah Carey's dog takes an impromptu dive into her champagne-bubble-bath. We don't blame the little guy.

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