As usual, we have our weekly Celebrity Twitter Round up, fueled the tweets of your favorite Hollywood stars. There's no time to waste - so take a look.

Conspiracy theories abound! Strange but...also, kind of interesting.

Well, since his voyage into fatherhood, everyone seems to like Perez even more. Can you really blame them?

Always gotta' one-up everyone. Can't be wierd on the same level as the rest of us, eh Kendall?

Great idea Emma! And while you're at it, can you do mine? And I'll take you out to lunch. And dinner. It will be strictly business. Sound good?

Yes. Yes we are. Thank YOU, Hugh.

I don't understand... I can't even get cell reception in my house, but he gets 3G in the middle of the Congo?

I say this feller right here, welp, he hit the button on the nose like a professional nose button hitter. Yeap.

Another inspirational quote from the father of inspirational quotes.

Someone needs to hire Seth as a writer for the next Star Wars movie. We promise it will sell like crazy.

Jessie J gets some ideas for her Red Nose Day Dare Challenge. PS - watch the video, it's highly entertaining.

That about wraps up our weekly Twitterings. Hit us up next week for more Twitter-based celebrity tom-follery, mockery, drama, and news.