Busy, busy, BUSY week for the Twitterverse, what with all the Oscars andd such. We have lots of Tweets from Stars we haven't heard from in ages, all abuzz for the yearly Academy Awards. So let's not dally, and dive right into it.

Ah Seth, we feel your pain... except, like, year round.

Contrary to popular belief, Hugh Jackman doesn't look gorgeous naturally. Being that awesome takes hard work, a trained staff and careful sculpting.

Yep - seems about right.

Now THAT is one fine envelope.

Piers Morgan endorses Seth MacFarlane as the Oscars Host.

Samuel L. Jackson (or should we say, Nick Fury?) is kickin it with the Avengers.

Sarah Silverman spots Kristen Stewart's bad-hair-life.

Rihanna congratulates Adele on her first Oscar - perhaps with more in the future?

We actually have no clue what's going on here; but one thing is certain - it's got #TigerBlood on it.

If global warming gives us nicer, warmer summers, we're all for it here in the northeast. Bring it on humanity!

In other news, Katy Perry's cat can read and count to (at least) 21. If we knew, we would have sent a birthday card.

One time as the MC for the Oscars is enough, says Seth.

Jim Carrey's spiritual needs are being unfufilled! Thing's aren't looking #popeful.

When the end times come, I know who my survival guide will be. (Laugh now, but when Paris and I are living through the next plague, you'll know who called it first.)

Leonardo DiCaprio - Savior of African Wildlife. (PS - We love elephants. You should sign this petition)

Kim K. Celebrates flashback Friday with an 80s themed Roller Party.

Inspiring , but false. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get higher than a C+ in algebra.

And that's about it for this week. Check back same time next weekend for more of your favorite Weekly Celebrity Twitterings. See you then!